Dreams - Buddy Miles

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Lời bài hát: Dreams

Ca sĩ: Buddy Miles

Just one more morning
I have to wake up with the blues
Pull myself outta bed
Put on my walking shoes

I go up on a mountain
To see what I can see, yeah
The whole world is falling
Right down in front of me

'Cause I'm hung up on dreams
I've never seen, yeah, baby
Lord, help me, baby, whoa
This will surely be the end of me

Yeah, yeah, all right
Ooh, I got to dream now, oh, Lord

Pull myself together
Put on a new face
Climb down off the hilltop, baby
Oh, I get back in the race

'Cause I've got dreams
Yeah, dreams to remember
Yeah, yeah, I've got dreams
Oh, dreams to remember

Help me out, y'all
I've got dreams
Yeah, yeah, dreams to remember
Oh, oh, oh

I've got dreams
Dreams to remember
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I dream all the time
I don't never, ever
Get nothing down now

Oh, I got dreams
Dreams, dreams, dreams...
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